An East-meets-West sensibility permeates the elegant 12-unit complex that unveils next year

Kengo Kuma’s The Kita Is Asia’s Newest Luxury Property To Watch
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Precision of craftsmanship. Intrinsically elegant silhouettes. An uncompromising dedication to natural materials. These are some of the qualities that inundate famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s portfolio – and found abundantly throughout his newest project, the Kita.

The timber and foliage-cocooned property is set to become a landmark of the Kitasando area

Nestled within the frenetic heart of Kitasando, Tokyo, this four-storey, 12-unit residential complex has been capturing the imagination of city dwellers and investors alike since its commencement in 2018. To be completed next year, it is set to unveil alongside Kengo Kuma and Associates’ grandest – but perhaps most personal – project yet: the 2020 Tokyo Olympics stadium.

Kengo Kuma crafted both the Kita’s structure and interiors, lending to a harmonious cohesiveness
Each floor features expansive al fresco living spaces 

By contrast, the Kita nods to the more intimate, thoughtfully subtle aspects of Japanese culture and philosophy. With just 12 units, it is unusually small in scale for condominiums in the country, which in turn makes for greater freedom of layout, generosity of proportion and exclusivity.

The rooftop infinity pool offers calming views of surrounding parkland and Mount Fuji in the distance
Multi-layered wooden panels line a corridor

In keeping with Kuma’s signature artistry, wooden vertical elements frame the foliage-enfold complex. Sweeping open areas dominate every floor which facilitates new dialogues and entertaining opportunities; expansive alfresco terraces are found on every storey, alongside floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowing for ample light to stream through. Meanwhile, a rooftop infinity pool blends into surrounding verdant greenery and parkland. These all lend to a seamless indoor-outdoor flow and a palpable sense of closeness with nature.

Wood is lavishly employed, from the staircase to wall panels and furnishings
A sun-drenched residence offering sweeping views of Tokyo
The interiors focuses on how it feels to live in the space, rather than simply what the space physically provides

Such is a priority not only for Kuma, but also for Ian Gillespie, founder of the property’s Vancouver-based developer Westbank who is known for his audacious, visionary approach as well as a proclivity for sustainability.

Featuring 12 residential units, the interiors designed by Kengo Kuma place emphasis on mood and atmosphere
Timber screens and marble surfaces lend to the bathroom's rich, multi-textured aesthetic

A cohesiveness in design is found in its serene, sumptuously comfortable interiors – also designed by Kuma – featuring heavy use of timber in accents such as screens, staircases, walls and parquet flooring. Multi-textured marble surfaces lend to an organic richness, complementing furnishings in hues of grey, clay, leather brown and muted green.

The twinkling Shinjuku skyline is also on view from the property’s expansive terraces

Eastern aesthetic meets all the Western expectations of space, privacy and amenity, complete with luxuries such as a dedicated concierge and a bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn – a piece of sumptuous haven that feels miles away from the bustle.

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