This Mumbai home marrying mid-century modernism and contemporary touches adapts to the living needs of its owners.

Flexible House Providing Spaces For Both Socialising and Seclusion
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This Mumbai home marrying mid-century modernism and contemporary touches adapts to the living needs of its owners.

Designed for a couple who desire nothing less than the finest, the 2,300-square-feet house with generous wooden ceiling and spacious openings is defined by a transitional space with a predominantly white tone.

The house overall maintains a muted tone, the plaster walls juxtaposed with the lacquered doors and the transitional manicured furniture. Some of the more interesting pieces include the bar lights. To add zing to the abode, the design team realises adornment is needed on the ceiling, which is when they decide to hang a series of chandeliers in the barer shell manner to align with the design aesthetics of the home. 

The outgoing owners also crave for a communal area where they can share the joy of their home with family and friends. Designed to achieve just that, the main monolith bar community seating is anchored with a rose quarts being the centre around which the entire space is built.

The light installation behind the dining area is inspired by the twelve months and four seasons, and the changing moon and sun throughout the seasons. When closed, the wall blends in and creates a subtle background; when spread open it presents a rather dramatic visual: a paradise-inspired scene with birds and a profusion of tropical plants cladding inside.

Enter the master bedroom. A highlight is the arched bed with linen that gives an arched effect. “This house is the second home we made for this couple and the bed for their last home was a cabana style outdoorish bed, which is something they were keen on repeating,” explains Kumpal Vaid, Principal Designer at Purple Backyard.

The guest room floored with candy terrazzo from Bharat flooring has a slightly retro vibe to it. The beautiful mirrors finished in a grey chic bring a touch of glamour to the space.

Greenery is another important element. “The deck and interior is amped up with a lot of greenery. What’s better to bring in the nature than splashes of green?” says Vaid.

Photo: Ishita Sitwala, The Fishy Project

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