Decorating with Bridget
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How are you going to be decorating your home for Christmas?
I keep my Christmas decor fairly muted and I’ll use naturals with my neutrals – so anything cream, green, grey, berry red, gold, white or silver. I prefer keeping things pretty simple. With decorations, a little can go a long way so I don’t overdo it. I like to keep the decorated areas confined, say around the fireplace and tree or down the staircase instead of having little bits of Yuletide cheer all over the house. Not only does this help to avoid that cluttered Christmas look, it also looks more contemporary and requires a lot less clean up come Boxing Day.

How do you feel about fake Christmas trees? How do you make them more attractive?
I love fake Xmas trees. I love the convenience of the fakie. Also, the branches are always shaped evenly and symmetrically making it easy to decorate and most importantly, they stand up to the weight of the larger, heavier decorations. I prefer a few larger decorations that sit proudly on your tree, rather than needing hundreds of tiny shy little decorations that get lost in the foliage. Bigger is better. Less is more! Also, I like to choose a maximum of three colours (two neutral and one colour) to decorate the tree with – this simplifies and unifies the look.

What are some essential things to bear in mind when designing a centrepiece?
My husband always wants to be sooooo practical and be able to see his guests over the top of the decor but I say just speak to the person next to you! Decor comes first! This is not really true though – nothing worse than peering through oversized arrangements or a hundred high candles to see who’s at the other side. I like to have a low, continuous theme running across the middle length of the table, like a series of entwined berry branches with varying heights of candlesticks placed within this. It’s also really effective to work battery-charged fairy lights into your centrepiece for a festive, romantic look.

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