At 77/79 Peak Road, a secluded villa is in a league of its own

An Oasis at the Peak
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Rarely is a newly built, uninhabited house so rich with style and character. But up on Victoria Peak is a home in a league of its own, its interiors luxurious and thoughtful long before it meets its homeowners.

An Oasis at the Peak

Champalimaud Design was commissioned to take on the home’s interiors. One of eight covetable villas on 77/79 Peak Road, the home is part of a collection of luxury residences by The Wharf (Holdings) and Wheelock Properties Hong Kong.

The exquisite villas are set in perfect isolation, away from the city’s thoroughfares. Trees and foliage surround the residential sanctuary, where each home is blessed with million-dollar views of iconic skyscrapers embracing Victoria Harbour. Accessible from the city, yet unabashedly private, the exclusive address is a perfect refuge for homeowners-to-be.

An Oasis at the Peak

“The envisioned homeowners are global citizens, travelling for both business and leisure,” says Winston Kong, partner at the New York-based, award-winning interior design studio. “[They’re] energetic, socially active, intellectuals, influential, with a refined approach to living. They admire elegance and appreciate the finer things in life, as well as a sense of inner peace.”

“That said, we wanted to create a home that could function not only as a place of entertainment, but also as a quiet sanctuary to unwind,” he adds.

An Oasis at the Peak

The brief was to design a home that also connects with the natural environment, tying it back to its settings. Throughout the abode, approximately 6,190sqft, the Champalimaud team opted for a natural motif—and a muted, neutral palette, with lush ivory, stained walnut, and stone grey hues permeating the interiors.

An Oasis at the Peak

Several custom-designed furniture pieces decorate the home—including the living area, bathed floor to ceiling in natural light, dappled by tree canopies visible through glass windows. The white pearl marble flooring is robed by a mixture of textures—in the carpet, sofas, and armchairs, carefully curated by the design team. A chandelier featuring lit spiral beams suspend gracefully from the ceiling, its black accents complementing the rounded armchairs and accessories in the room. Bespoke walnut and Champagne bronze screens demarcate the area, creating a sense of privacy.

The bathrooms rival that of the finest hotels: one features statuary marble walls and Bianco Dolomite flooring, while the other features Palissandro Nuvolato and Botticino marble—all sourced from Italy. Metallic fixtures and cool lighting soften the mood.

An Oasis at the Peak

The bedrooms are an oasis, where soft-panelled walls and natural wood accents tie in with the rest of the home’s natural motif. Lush curtains conceal or reveal daylight, along with views of the outdoors. Sitting corners and spaces invite rest, adding to the rooms’ restorative calm.

An Oasis at the Peak

A moodier respite is found in the ground-floor library and bar, infused with a darker palette of ebony and dark chocolate, accented with dark wood finishes. The space is brought to life by ambient lighting, found in the shelving and chandelier, similar to the one in the living area.

In the kitchen, another similar chandelier dances above a large, round banquet table. Large glass doors and windows bring in the outdoors, while also opening up to a patio.

An Oasis at the Peak

Throughout the villa, design elements are thoughtfully considered to divide spaces subtly, while occasionally creating room for privacy. “A decorative mirrored wall conceals the kitchen from the dining room, which allows for formal entertainment when needed,” says Winston. “The mirrored wall also reflects the natural beauty of the outdoor landscape.”

He adds that the master bedroom also has a hidden gem: a den, situated behind a concealed, fabric-panelled door. It’s one of his favourite design features of the villa, in fact, in addition to the communal areas.

“[The public areas and the den] provide the best of both worlds: flexible living,” he says. “While the living room and dining room are bright, airy, and showcase the landscape, I love the ability to escape to the library and the den, which are quite intimate.”

Between nature outside and the heart of the city pulsing just beyond it, the custom-designed and curated pieces within, the invitation to rest and the promise to emerge rejuvenated, the house on 77/79 Peak Road is truly a gem among gems. The envisioned homeowners will be pleased.

An Oasis at the Peak

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