You don’t always need to go wood-hued and beige to achieve an all-natural look in the home – in fact, deep shades such as navy blue and dark green create a similar effect, evoking the deepest valleys of the ocean and forests shrouded in the night. The approach has a strikingly modern look, too, without veering away from nature. For a more modern take on all-natural interiors, here are some picks to consider.

Shower curtain

H&M Home, $249

Karlsson’s Butterfly wall clock

Pioneer Lifestyle, price upon request

Porta Romana’s Ivy Shadow chandelier

Altfield Interiors, price upon request

Ghidini 1961’s Sunset medium mirror

Lane Crawford, $12,800

Porta Romana’s Ombre lamp

Altfield Interiors, price upon request

Recycled glass Lama Mermaid vase

TREE, from $1,250

Large Round pouf

Ferm Living, $10,790

Ardamez’s Enamel bistro table

A.Style, $16,200

Leitmotiv’s Luxurious chair

Pioneer Lifestyle, price upon request

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