With co-working spaces becoming increasingly commonplace and retail stores beginning to offer coffee and small plates alongside their products, multi-purpose spaces are in vogue not only because they utilise an area to its maximum potential, but also because they present interesting and innovative opportunities for design. We’ve shortlisted three of our favourite hybrid environments.

Courtesy of Spring Place

Spring Place, USA

Spanning 140,000sqft in the heart of the Tribeca neighbourhood of New York City and taking its cue from mid-century Brazilian brutalism for its interiors, Spring Place serves both as an collaborative workspace and private social club. Apart from a fully-serviced workspace – including a communal gallery, executive suites, temporary showrooms, conference rooms and boardrooms – Spring Place also boosts an all-day restaurant, bar and lounge, two private dining rooms, a living room and a 11,000sqft rooftop overlooking the stunning scenery of Manhattan. The best bit? A private cinema and music room for the ultimate entertainment centre.


Photography by David Romero-Uzeda

Art and Conference Centre, Inter-Generation Centre and Tourist Office, France

French firm Dominique Coulon & Associés was tasked with creating a dynamic unit alongside a railway line in Burgundy that houses initiatives of vastly different natures – a tourist office, a conference and cultural hall, a daytime nursery (complete with a bright yellow courtyard) and recreational areas for the elderly. The result is a fascinating multifaceted structure adorned with matte and shiny facade finishes that lend the building a variety of different appearances throughout the day.


Courtesy of Lisa Petrole Photography

Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Canada

Located in downtown Toronto, Her Majesty’s Pleasure by Canadian design firm +tongtong combines a cafe, boutique, beauty salon and bar all in one. The multifunctional space is predominantly adorned with light and fresh colours including white, grey and different shades of blue. The designers also infused warmth into the airy interiors with hints of copper and wood. The clever use of reiterating materials throughout the space creates a seamless and coherent environment with a sense of surprise hidden in every corner.


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