Times flies—mooncake season is just around the corner. With the Mid-Autumn Festival a mere two months away, it’s about time to start planning ahead and decide which ones are worth investing in. While custard mooncakes remain at the top of our list, there are more varieties available compared to previous years. Here, we have rounded up some of the top ones that mooncake connoisseurs shouldn’t miss out on this year.

Tycoon Tann

For those who yearn to treat your beloved ones with mooncakes that feature refined packaging, Tycoon Tann’s limited-edition custard mooncakes are housed in an extravagant golden mooncake box which is stylishly embellished with traditional knots and a lucky charm. Each highly Instagram-worthy box is filled with six egg custard mooncakes and is priced at $338 each, with an early bird discount of $298 per box for orders on or before August 15.

Ms B’s Cakery

This year, Bonnae Gokson celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival the conventional way with traditional Chinese mooncakes debuting this year at Ms B’s Cakery and C’est La B. Sporting a taste of nostalgia and tradition, the traditional white lotus seed mooncakes come in two sizes, a standard 180g with two premium duck egg yolks and a miniature 60g version with a quarter egg yolk. A box of four standard mooncakes is priced at $620 per box, while a box of nine miniature mooncakes is priced at $550 per box. 

Nakamura Tokichi

The iconic green tea purveyor is launching a limited edition Hong Kong-only Maruto mooncake box set from Kyoto. Created specially for Hong Kong to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the delightful sweet treats come in two flavours: matcha and sweet potato with matcha. Guests can pre-order starting today and the mooncake set is priced from HK$158 to HK$428, available at Nakamura Tokichi Hong Kong outlets in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Spring Moon

Heralded as one of the most popular mooncakes in town, Spring Moon of The Peninsula Hong Kong is warming up the ovens for this year’s creations, starting with the restaurant’s ever-popular custard mooncakes, set to begin pre-order online from August 1 to 3, with limited the availability each day. The online ordering platform is set to go live at 8:00am on these three days. For more information, please visit The Peninsula's website. 

Cuisine Cuisine

If traditional custard mooncakes aren’t your cup of tea, consider opting for the ones with a modern twist. Cuisine Cuisine is launching two new miniature mooncakes such as organic blue agave mini mooncakes with low sugar white lotus puree and egg yolks, and mini rose puree and roselle mooncakes. Mooncake gift vouchers are available now at Cuisine Cuisine until September 10.

This post originally appeared on the website of our sister publication, Hong Kong Tatler.

Lead photo courtesy of ThinkStock/mletruc.
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