It’s an unforgettable moment when the Olympic winners proudly chant their national anthem as they hold on tightly to their hard earned medals after a heated competition. During the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – that are being held as we speak – all Czech winners will be awarded a glass trophy designed by award-winning biathlonist Gabriela Koukalová and produced by Lasvit, in addition to the medal that every athlete dreams of receiving.

Gabriela’s rationale was to create an award that would remind the winners of their Olympic success every day, rather than an object like a medal that might end up being stored in a safe. Not wishing to do away with the concept of the medal entirely, Gabriela drew on her former study of minted medals and coins to create a trophy that’s based on the design of a medal. It also features a line arising from it to symbolise movement – the most important aspect of all forms of sport.

Lasvit once again showcases its versatility and expertise in glass making. Other than its signature lighting installations and glass art works, the brand has years of experience in trophy production, from torch-shaped trophies for Czech medalists in the winter Olympic Games in Sochi to trophies for this year’s Tour de France bicycle race and glass sculptures for this year’s Czech Lion film awards.

Click through our slideshow below for more behind-the-scenes shots.

Olympic Trophies GabrielaKoukalová

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