We explore the home of Nikolas Holm, which is perched on a rooftop in Helsinki. 

We don’t have a lot of newly built or modern attic buildings here in Helsinki,” says Finnish designer and entrepreneur Nikolas Holm. But he’s one of the lucky few, which makes his apartment rare as a hen’s tooth in the city. Nikolas moved in half a year ago; his friend had owned the flat and completely renovated the space in 2012, turning what used to be an old, dusty attic into a sleek, minimalist abode fit for a style-conscious millennial.

What the home lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in polished simplicity, cool as a crisp Nordic winter. The open kitchen, dining and living room is a continuous space that flows from one to the next, giving the compact apartment an expansive and airy feel. The use of white might also have something to do with it. I’m very oriented towards white – I like different shades of white and bringing in a subtle splash of colour,” Nikolas shares. He also has a taste for minimalism, which is reflected in his designs and his apartment. When decorating, Nikolas likes to take his time and meticulously select each piece, making sure it fits in and complements the space.

A streamlined approach informs the attic apartment.

The balcony and living room windows offer ample daylight and expansive views of Helsinki.

The nifty glass wall is a one way tinted mirror offering views out from the sauna, but not in.

Texture comes in the form of a rustic brick wall, which adds warmth to the flat's clean, white shell; for Repo the dog, this is the best spot in the house for a nap.

The cool concrete wall makes for an excellent backdrop to casually display artwork such as these prints by Parra and Banksy.

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