Day by day, most of us subconsciously follow our own routines while going through life: making an early morning start with a coffee before tackling piles of work before returning home in the evening. While we embrace such a regimented lifestyle, how often do we actually take the time to contemplate the meaning behind our behaviour?

Hailing from Australia, illustrator Chloe Bennett investigates this notion with her Phantasmagoria exhibition in Hong Kong. Look closer at the quirky pop art pieces and you’ll discover intriguing, tongue-in-cheek ironies: a blister pack with colourful gems to suggest addiction to materialism, or teabags filled with pills indicating overreliance on quick fixes.

The works are on show to the public from 9 March until 8 July at J Plus Hotel by YOO (1-5 Irving St, Causeway Bay).

Swipe through our slideshow below for sneak peek:






Australian illustrator Chloe Bennett

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