Colours and our moods, even minds, are profoundly linked.

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The slightest change in colour can evoke deep emotions in us and give a big impact on the energy of a living space. You can easily shake up the energy of your home by simply adding a new coat of paint or changing the colours of home accessories, such as throws and beddings. In feng shui, each room has its own decorating colour scheme that, if applied properly, promises to bring good luck and happiness to your home. Scroll through the gallery below to find out more:


The entrance is the key area where energy, or “chi” in Chinese, enters the home. It serves as a transition from public to private, from reality to relaxation, hence its term “mouth of chi” in Chinese, meaning portal for energy. The best feng shui colours for this aera are healing light blue, lively light green, nourishing light pink and refreshing white or light grey with hints of brass. (Image courtesy of Archlin Studio)


The heart of a home where family and friends get together, the living room is much benefit from earth tone colours, or shades of yellow for those in business as it represents wealth. Colours as such go exceptionally well with natural materials that give the living room a textural twist. (Image courtesy of Archlin Studio)


According to feng shui practice, kitchen is an expression of fire from the five elements in Chinese philosophy. One should avoid using blue and black in the kitchen, as the two colours represent the element of water, which, according to feng shui theory, is considered an element that puts down the much-needed element of fire in a kitchen. (Image courtesy of Archlin Studio)


Meanwhile, yellow is also a colour that goes against the element of fire. The best feng shui colours for the kitchen are white, green and natural wood with brass accents, which are believed to be able to bring positive energy into the cooking space. (Image courtesy of Archlin Studio)


An area responsible for recharge and renewal, bedroom should be led by healing and calming hues, such as white and grey, which evoke the feeling of calm and relaxation. Create a sophisticated sleeping space with a grey accent wall that goes particularly well with the white walls and wood headboard. (Image courtesy of DSEN)


The study room is responsible for learning and concentration. (Image courtesy of DSEN)


Light wood floors with large windows that provide ample natural light are recommended in this area to create a calming vibe that can strengthen your attention and improve your focus. (Image courtesy of DSEN)

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