Duravit has launched an online shopping portal that offers a bunch of bathroom products from washbasin, cabinet, bathtub to toilet.

Comprised of the Viu ceramics range, the XViu furniture range and the matching bathtubs, the Viu/XViu bathroom collection boasts intricate ceramic detailing and a range of surface finishes such as glass, metal, lacquer and wood that create a vibrant contrast in a bathroom. Sleek and sophisticated, the collection marks the second collaboration between Duravit and Sieger Design.

Highlighting the patented Duravit c-bonded technology, the Viu washbasin features precisely-shaped geometric contour with gentle organic curves in the interior, supported by striking V-shaped aluminium feet available in Champagne Matte and Black Matte. 

The washbasin comes in four sizes and three variants for the sink including furniture washbasin, drop-in basin and above-counter, with the matching vanity unit, also available in Champagne Matte and Black Matte, featuring a pull-out compartment or two drawers. 

Imbued with a sense of post-industrial elegance, the Viu ceramic series is designed to go with the XViu furniture range, which offers a medley of finishes such as high-quality wood, lacquer and synthetic material in shades of silver and black, perfect for achieving a tone-in-tone or contrasting aesthetic that brims with style and personality. 

With sleek silhouette, organic form and clear contour, the Duravit’s D.1 faucet range, the SensoWash® Starck f shower-toilet series as well as the Starck T accessory line have been honoured with the acclaimed iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 and the Red Dot Award. The iconic Viu/XViu range has also secured the coveted “Best of the Best” title at the Red Dot Award. 

Another highlight of the XViu series is the tall (and semi-tall) cabinet, which features translucent smoked-glass doors with hinge straps intended to allow the doors to open and close more smoothly.

Meanwhile, the versatile XViu mirror and mirror cabinet range is deployed with icon-driven control, aiming to regulate the lighting intensity of the light strips that border the mirror in order to create an ambience in the bathroom. The XViu illuminated mirror has a light adjustment capabilities between 2,700 (warm light) and 6,500 (cold light) kelvin when the luminosity exceeds 300 lux. The model is also equipped with electric defogger to prevent moisture from forming on the surface.

The freestanding bathtub, also a key feature in the XViu family, flaunts prominent V-shaped metal frame that, again, comes in Champagne Matte or Black Matte as a contrast to the high-gloss white acrylic.

Add a geometrical appeal to your bathroom with the wall-mounted XViu toilet. It features two metal push buttons positioned on each side of the lid to facilitate the cleaning of the toilet. Match the series with the SensoWash® Slim electronic seat and Duravit A2 actuator plate for greater convenience.

To further improve sanitation in the bathroom, Duravit has rolled out the HygieneGlaze 2.0 antibacterial ceramic glaze, which contains a new combination of metal ions and other active substances that are significantly effective in killing bacteria, such as E. coli. 

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