These one-of-a-kind oases are sure to rejuvenate your mind and spirit in 2020

3 Most Exquisitely Designed Resort-Style Getaways in Asia
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The timeless allure of travelling lies in no other than the opportunity to truly unplug, steal a few moments of utter calm and recharge your spirit.

Every trip is like pressing a pause button on your bustling life; by escaping the minutiae of it all, one can refresh his or her perspective through new experiences and expanded horizons.

To set you on your journey of rejuvenation, we've carefully handpicked 3 of the most beautifully designed, yet aesthetically different short-term hideaways across Asia:



Nestled within the village of Kerewe on the southwestern side of Sumba, Alamayah is a five-star all-inclusive boutique hotel with an idyllic setting that overlooks the mountains and the sea, with stunning views of the Indian Ocean and wild mountains and forests on full view.

Encompassing six private suites plus an Ayurvedic spa, a fitness centre, recreation room, natural landscape garden and a plant-based restaurant – travellers are sure to find an experience of detoxification and purification in whatever activity they choose to do.

We recommend a stay at the rustic and charming Sumbanese-style thatched cottage, in which guests can delight in the meticulously handcrafted rustic teak furniture and artefacts while basking in the soft ocean breeze. Accents such as the beautiful ebony flooring and rattan decorations all work to create a nature-minded serene scene ideal for enjoying the beautiful sunrise with loved ones.

Maja Hotel


The Maja Hotel, sitting in the heart of Kyoto's Kawaramachi, is the brainchild of Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen who has masterfully combined the traditional Japanese capsule hotel concept with the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics, reflected in the timber-clad hotel's overall warm and quiet elegance.

Guests are welcomed by a specially designed hotel entrance featuring a traditional Japanese "triangular" roof, intended to create a sense of comfort and serenity before one even steps foot within.

For the interiors, Harri Koskinen blends Japanese willow wood with industrial-style cement that contrasts with various lighting's warm tones. The designer was also responsible for the interesting tables and chairs adorning the public spaces: the table legs taken from the trees that were once planted in the backyard, and chairs are made specifically in Iwate.

Built with 60 sleeping berths including small sleep-in huts and more comfortable walk-in huts, the hotel's exterior echos the triangular roof of the entrance, with fabrics by Finnish designer Marimekko imbuing the space with a poetic, vibrant flair.

Zannier Hotels

Bãi San Hô

Set to open their doors in August 2020, luxury hotel Zannier Hotels is located amidst the ecologically rich area of Phu Yen, Vietnam. It's famed for the surrounding environment and local cultural heritage that have been painstakingly preserved by the community, granting tourists a chance to truly explore the charming traditional culture and cuisine of this town.

Zannier Hotels is expected to encompass 70 detached villas built against the lush greenery and spectacular rolling hills, facing the azure waters and white sandy beaches. The traditionally-designed rooms feature bamboo and wooden curios that evoke an idyllic, rural lifestyle.

At the heart of the bucolic hotel interiors are plenty of timber and rattan accents lined with luxurious cotton and linen fabrics; large windows and bamboo roofs also help to not only improve ventilation but elevate the unique charm of the environment.

Floor to ceiling glass doors open up to the highlight of the hotel: the picturesque private beach of Bãi San Hô that is literally just a few steps away. Indulge in utterly quiet and private relaxation with the whole family and revitalise your body and soul amidst stunning natural beauty.

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