Colour, it turns out, can be a bit of wild beast.


Instead of trying to tame it, this one-bedroom condo in Commonwealth Towers chose to unleash it in full force. Owned by a copywriter in his late thirties, who’s also an art collector and violinist, this home designed in conjunction with The Scientist is the epitome of his creative expression.

“He's very much an artsy person, very bold and adventurous,” says designer Krystle Teoh. “The given design brief was to be able to transform his thoughts into the space in an atypical way, but at the same time, everything needs to come together as a whole.”

Given that the apartment is only 441 sq ft without a storeroom, functionality of the space and maximising storage are also top on the priority list.

Scroll through the gallery to more of this colourful pad:

“As we speak the house is a resting space,” says Krystle. “So we wanted to create an interesting palette that is fun but when the owner comes home, he can free his mind and unwind as well.”

Even though a lot of colour is used, they are not picked randomly. The team experimented by mixing and matching different colours and went through a lot of trial and error before the final selection was confirmed.

Only two core colours were used throughout the house. The living room and bedroom walls are painted in Miur green so that it looks cohesive, while pink takes centre stage in the kitchen and bathroom.

“The rest are just accent colours from loose furniture, decor items, paintings, etc, which we have selected the very fundamental primary colours as the accent to add in a little bit of pop in the space,” explains Krystle.

The green and blue LIXHULT cabinets are from IKEA, which comes stackable in different shapes and colours. Open shelving from Grafunkt also provides lots of additional storage space while keeping the area open. Finishing up the look are the artworks, carefully handpicked to match with the overall theme of the space.

To maximise the small living area, the wall between the living room and bedroom was hacked down and replaced with an electric blue lattice glass door. See the rose gold mirror on the side? It hides more storage space behind.

The floor rug was custom made by the homeowner to match the colour palette. "He likes visually pretty things, so he is also very involved in styling up the place," described Krystle. "Most of his accessories are curated over the years." 

In the kitchen, a softer pink takes over. One of Krystle's favourite elements of the home is the terrazzo countertops and backsplash wall. "They are very quirky, and I would say that all the little colour speckles give a little bit more character to space," says Krystle.

The gold faucet and faucet from Delta deviates from the usual silver stainless steel and adds a nice touch of glamour. Partial opening shelving is used to maximise space without making the small kitchen feel claustrophobic and allows the homeowner, who often cooks, easy access to cutleries.

In contrast to the blue in the living area, red is used as the accent colour in the bathroom to complement the warm tones of pink and gold.

There isn't a boring space in this small home with the eclectic mix of colours and textures. Matte black shower appliances and a darker take on the terrazzo countertops provide fun contrast and give the bathroom a refreshing take.

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