Invest well with these key considerations from the CEO of Spaceman.

Two main incorrect assumptions are that you have to compromise on style and comfort, and that there are not that many choices,” says Matthew Levin on the subject of space-saving furniture.

Matthew Levin

Levin is the CEO of Spaceman, a furniture line from Singapore dedicated to transformative, multi-functional pieces. Recently landing in Hong Kong with a Horizon Plaza showroom, Spaceman produces everything from sofa beds to wall-mounted dining tables to transformable work desks, complete with options for customisation.

Space-saving has many facets, from doing things more intelligently to incorporating bespoke sizes,” says Levin. It stems from making one space perform more than one function, like a lounge being used as a dining room or a guest room doubling as a study.”

In shopping for the hybrid creations that expand a space by doubling – or even tripling – its purpose, here are the top considerations to keep in mind, advises Levin.


Tuckin Bunk Bed (Photo: Spaceman)
Prioritise manufacturing quality

Space-saving products are generally multi-functional or foldable, and therefore require quality engineering to ensure the product is durable and easy to use. Where the product is made, as well as the price, are generally good indicators of quality.”

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Slumbersofa Duo (Photo: Spaceman)
Pay attention to design mechanisms

Trust your judgement and pay attention to panels, such as tabletops or cabinets, and any mechanism independently. Does it shake or wobble when you push or pull it? Does it feel stable and safe when operating? They should be strong. For cabinetry in humid climates, you need to know it’s been carefully made. Is it sealed on all sides even where you cannot see? Do the joins look neat and tidy?”

Space-saving stems from making one space perform more than one function

Think long-term

Ask if the furniture can be easily moved. Even wall beds should be detachable from the wall, dismantled, and relocated so your investment can last a long time.”

Slumbersofa Pronto (Photo: Spaceman)
Don’t forget safety functions

A soft opening is always nice on cabinets and drawers, but a good quality wall bed should also have a safety measure to ensure it is easy to use even if you are not familiar with it.”

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There’s no need to sacrifice style

There is no need to compromise on style. Sales consultants should be able to help you tailor the furniture’s look to fit with your home, with a wide array of materials and finishes.”

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