During the times when we have to go out to work, we always look forward to the time we can stay at home and sometimes, even hope that we can complete our daily work without going out.

Most of us have a dream of working from home, hoping to commute only one minute a day to reach the office. Now that it's a reality for the majority, the main issue is that it is easy to develop a state of laziness and the line between our personal and work lives is blurred. Based on these concerns, Shih-Shih Interior Design specifically designed an open concept home office that is separated from the private living areas for a business owner in Taipei. It may sound a bit too good to be true, but after careful and ingenious planning by the designer, using the characteristics of building materials and tonal colours, the public area and the private space are perfectly separated. Even if a client comes to visit, it will not feel like there is an invasion of privacy. Maintaining mutual mobility makes each space functional, fulfilling the homeowner's dream of a perfect home office.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the harmonious combination of living and work spaces:

This characterful cement wall acts as a divider while maintaining translucency. When visitors enter, the visual focus stays in the office space.

Looking through the cement wall has the effect of looking through a door keyhole, injecting some fun into the space.

The island in the kitchen can be used as a dining table or a reception table. It's essentially a combination of two tables - one that's made of grindstone bricks and one that's made of solid wood. The hanging pendant lights allow the area to feel more extended and professional.

The countertop also hides laundry equipment within the kitchen space, maximising the functionality and of the available surface area.

On the other side of the island is the living room, which can be used by the owner to entertain guests.

The use of translucent frosted glass as the boundary between the public and private sectors allows the space to remain open, but at the same time, preserves privacy.

Behind the frosted glass is the dressing room, designed to look like a boutique display. Wood and marble is used to create large storage compartments which can fit all daily essentials and big luggage.

The space under the stairs is cleverly used to fit a study desk. Other than making proper use of the awkward nook, you can also look up at the scenery outside the window and should you need a break from work.

The glass wall divides the public and private areas, and at different times of the day, the light plays with the patterns to create ever-changing shadows, bringing a variety of atmospheres to the space.

The grey textured wall creates the foundation of the bedroom, evoking a quiet and peaceful vibe.

The bedroom is also equipped with small clothes rails so that the frequently used clothes can be stored more easily. At the same time, a little reading corner is created under the window for the homeowner can enjoy quiet time here.

Good lighting on both sides of the lounge area brings infinite warmth to the space.

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