Timeless yet strong, refined yet characterful and modern – the interplay between these seemingly contrasting elements is beautifully expressed in the couture creations of Minotti.

Co-CEO Roberto Minotti

Established in 1948 by Alberto Minotti, the brand has evolved from a small artisan workshop into one of the world’s most renowned interior design houses, with its finely crafted furnishings and alluring Made-in-Italy aesthetic adorning many stylish spaces and residences.

To Roberto Minotti, Alberto’s son and the brand’s co-CEO today, this evolutionary path has been rooted in the principle of “innovation in the spirit of continuity”.

The recent Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai showcased the brand’s 2019 collection – a highly dynamic, multifaceted melange of sofas, chairs, coffee tables, bookcases, rugs and more designed by the studio, as well as in collaboration with top international names such as Milanese architect-designer Rodolfo Dordoni, French-born furniture designer Christophe Delcourt and Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan’s Studio MK27.

Drawing inspiration from various spheres of creativity, from fashion to art and from automobiles to photography, and crafted with fine sartorial attention, each of these pieces introduces what Roberto calls “a new vision of the interior to life and inaugurates a new decorative code that mixes different styles, while staying true to the Minotti spirit and identity."

Scroll through the gallery below for more from Roberto and Minotti's iconic collections:

"I believe that the strength of “Made-in-Italy” lies in the strong aesthetic sense and disposition to beauty and high-quality that characterise the cultural heritage of Italy. This sensibility has evolved in time and has been able to combine tradition and innovation in an indissoluble mix of craftsmanship and technology."

Pictured is a cabinet from the Amber collection

"All the pieces of the new collection are as if they were our children, as they are projects that we have meticulously curated and closely followed step by step. What is important for us is the harmony between all the pieces in the collection and their ability to always lead back to Minotti’s identity."

Pictured is the Wedge Table

"We draw inspiration from what happens around us in the different fields of creativity, from fashion to art, from automotive to photography, amongst others. Therefore, each collection is the result of our intuitions, skills and abilities, but also of our cultural experiences."

Pictured is a coffee table from the Bangle collection

"Ultimately, our aim is to create versatile and timeless furnishings offering a unique and contemporary lifestyle that looks beyond the boundaries of time and space."   

Pictured is a shelf from the Page collection

"Our focus for the future will be continuing to carry out our projects with passion, coherence and determination, remaining faithful to the values ​​that have marked our evolutionary path so far, always driven by the intention to further increase the value of our brand and by the ambition to establish ourselves as a “maison” in the design field."

Pictured are sofas from the Suitcase collection.

"We are also determined to continue to surprise with new proposals that can stimulate the international markets, while staying true to Minotti’s DNA."

Pictured is a cabinet from the Easel collection.

Minotti MadeinItaly Italy furniture

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