Nowadays, when we consider home audio systems, we are not only looking for superior sound quality but also the intelligence and flexibility built in to support the modern lifestyle.

Main Home Audio Trends in 2020

Since the development of home audio systems will be smarter, more versatile in terms of functionality and connectivity, as well as more integrated with the Internet and other digital devices in 2020 and beyond.

1. Voice Assistant Features

For example, home audio systems integrate with voice assistants can understand user’s instructions. Music can also be streamed to speakers in different rooms through a network. Users can easily manage playlists and decide how they want to enjoy the music with mobile devices.

The proprietary voice pick-up system of Bose latest home speakers works with the built-in virtual personal assistants. With this system, speakers can still recognise and pick up a user’s voice and instructions, even in a noisy environment. With just a word, we can access playlists, news, weather, smart home devices, as well as enjoy music directly from AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect, or even control multiple speakers in different rooms!

Tips to Enhance Our Lifestyle with House Audio

“We are committed to enhancing our customers’ everyday life with a wide range of smart speakers to cater for their needs.” Davy Zhu, the Bose Educational Specialist shared.

Bose has introduced three smart speakers which have superior audio performance and aesthetic appeal. They work individually or together as a multi-room system.

2. Longer Battery Life

Through their music app, we can personalize the setting to enjoy an impeccable home entertainment experience. In addition to indoor entertainment, the new battery life feature also makes it suitable for us to take it from room to room or around the home for an uninterrupted music enjoyment on the go.

With the latest technology, where to place a speaker becomes less important for consumers. The new innovation can delivers an improved 360-degree sound with deeper bass.

3. Ease-of-Use

Davy emphasised “Unlike the conventional speakers, there is no sweet-spot for placement or listening — it delivers the same, jaw-dropping experience to every corner of the room. The latest technologies provide ease-of-use, allowing users to enjoy superior sound performance and easy set-up of multi-room system through mobile applications.”

Bose mono-signal technology can also make corrections in real time, so the users can hear everything the artist recorded without leaving audible gaps in music.

The Latest Innovations for Home Audio Systems in 2020

If you are looking for a more personal listening experience, or want to enjoy the full control over your home audio system. Ultra-versatile, compact speaker that combines the convenience of battery power, the simplicity of Bluetooth® and the ease of voice control will be the strongest features for modern new design, just like the new Bose Portable Home Speaker would be a great choice for you.

4. Simple Synchronization Feature

Apart from the new speaker, the recently launched Bose SimpleSync™ feature also offers users with flexibility to tailor their own home audio setting. With complimentary mode, users can create a multi-room system by grouping a Bose Home Speaker with other Bose devices and play them in perfect sync.

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