Make your abode influencer-worthy with these tips from the world's first studio apartment designed purely for social media.

I know a girl that saves pictures from places she’s flown; To post later and make it look like she still on the go,” Canadian rapper Drake sings in the song Emotionless.

Recently, the interior design equivalent of this practise has emerged in Manhattan, in the form of a 2,400sqft SoHo studio apartment. Created by advertising agency Village Marketing, the penthouse stands in as a home environment for Instagram influencers to craft the perfectly shareable compositions in, as Co.Design reveals.


Commanding a monthly rent of US$15,000 (approx. HK$117,500), it’s obvious that the demand is there from influencers for a beautifully styled home for the day to shoot a sponsored post in; from furniture companies such as Wayfair, which decorated the space for free and now receives millions of organic impressions on Instagram in return; and from consumers, who are demanding ever more stunning spaces from their Instagram feed.

In Hong Kong, studios such as the immaculately decorated The Core Base in Kwai Chung have already been catering to this niche, but what if you don’t want to splash out your cash on renting a space just for your social media needs? Here’s five takeaways to keep in mind to transform your own home into an Instagram haven.

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1. Think (millennial) pink


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As much as you might think millennial pink is on its way out, there’s no denying that Instagram is still in the throes of an affair with the colour. Embrace the colour by wallpapering a feature wall in the blush or using cushions and throws, but make sure to strike a balance with clean whites and neutral greys, too.

2. Each corner a painting


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Start viewing your space in terms of disparate compositions instead of on a room-by-room basis. Anchor them with statement pieces that will pop on a mobile screen, for instance, the pink sofa with a round mirror as seen above, an eye-catching chandelier, or a pair of electric blue armchairs side by side.

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3. Natural light or nothing


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Natural light makes or breaks any shot, so if you’re blessed with enough of it, minimise any obstructions by installing window coverings that can get out of the way when needed. Venetian blinds satisfy this requirement, and can also be used to create alluring beams of light when used to filter out the afternoon sun.

4. It’s a material world


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Aim to mix different textures such as velvet, faux fur, metallic accents and marble. Doing so will increase the visual interest in any one vignette for a lush, glamorous effect. Don’t hold back on the indoor plants either – while Hong Kong homes may not be large enough for bird of paradise plants, smaller species like the snake plant leave more than enough space to manoeuvre your shots.

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5. Home is like a box of chocolates


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Shooting the same space over and over again can quickly become monotonous. To keep your followers coming back for more, give each room a distinct look to keep things fresh. Quick fixes like rotating rugs between different rooms can do wonders in mere moments.

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