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The perfect closet is all about great planning – that was true in 2005, and just as relevant in 2019. Take cues from Home Journal’s April 2005 issue that served up a extensive guide on just how to organise your dressing room whether big or small.

The first step is to take stock of what you need to store before sorting clothing into categories, before measuring garments lengths to know how they will fit the space, and ensure you utilise the space efficiently when you go shopping for storing units. Don’t just limit your closet to drawers and shelves either; bags and baskets are also great for providing extra protection from dust.

Here are a few more tips to turn your closet into a favourite place of the home:

Home Journal's April 2015 issue


When stealing closet space from your bedroom, set up a barely there boundary to separate the rooms. A slatted partition gives a walk-in closet effect yet maintains the room’s spacious feel.


Before your build, plan the closet space carefully and give everything a home. Having items on display means everything can be seen a a glance and you won’t waste time rummaging around.


Good lighting is essential in any dressing room. You will need task lighting at the very least above and around the mirror, but also consider spotlights on each section of wardrobe.


If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room and are stealing space from your bedroom or study, keep it minimal. Hide clothes and shoes away to prevent the space from feeling overcrowded.


Well positioned mirrors are essential. Try to use a combination of full length and magnified mirrors so you can check the details of your outfit.


Drawer decoders make keeping socks and undies neat and tidy and choosing a set each morning simple.


There are many different ways to store accessories. Over-the-door shoe hangers or cubbyholes get shoes out from under your feet into your closet a piece of pie.

Image courtesy of Molteni&C.

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