They say it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. For any holiday enthusiast, though, what could be more enchanting than when the packaging is as delicate as the surprises wrapped within?

Cherie Yip, the founder of Hong Kong-based floral studio The Spring Is Here, experiments with her flair for nature through gnarly, textured branches and foliage in a bevy of gift boxes and bags, injecting a breath of fresh air into otherwise predictable wrapping ideas.

I was still working as a designer when I first established The Spring Is Here, but the business expanded so quickly that I wasn’t able to keep up with both sides anymore, says Cherie. And that’s when I decided to wholeheartedly dive into the world of flowers and plants. While her career has taken a new turn, she confesses that fashion, art and design continue to serve as prominent sources of inspiration. The golden ratio in layout design, colour theory, combinations of materials and textures – these matter, she says. We strive to recreate the biodiversity and the inter-relations commonly found in nature by shattering stereotypes with unexpected combinations.

Cherie blends these principles in a series of botanical festive gift-wraps, exclusively for Home Journal, in her Kwai Chung studio. The Prince Edward flower market is always my go-to place for sourcing, as they can basically order any seasonal plants from overseas, she says. I also enjoy collecting rare species of dried and preserved flowers while I travel. You can easily purchase festive flora there starting from October – popular choices include noble fir, rosehip, cypress, pine and eucalyptus. I would suggest you select evergreen species that contain more oil and enjoy a longer lifespan, and make sure there are no infected black spots on the leaves. When you put together the presents, it’s all about simplicity and textures.

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Cherie advises that you can casually complement a sprig or stem with kraft paper, velvet ribbon, cotton and hemp rope. She sums it up thusly: Let the details shine!

This article originally appears in our December 2018 issue, available on newsstands now.

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