The worlds of art, design and illustration have always intermingled – especially when it comes to the increasingly sophisticated computer-generated imagery (CGI) and graphics that continue to blur realities on our screens and pages.

Born in 1992, London-based art director and illustrator Peter Tarka has made waves in the industry precisely for his mastery of incredibly realistic, playful and immersive CGI typography that transport viewers into his dynamic realms of forms, shapes and bold colours.

Some of the world’s most recognisable brands have taken notice, from car manufacturers to financial institutions such as Apple, Audi, Google, BMW and Bloomberg, who have tapped Peter to elevate their brand aesthetics through a string of commercial assignments and collaborations.

Originally hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Peter started his creative journey at the young age of 14 and has joked that his first illustrations – crafted using the humble Photoshop CS2 – bear much resemblances to a child’s graffiti. The limitation didn’t stop him, as he continued to hone his creative skills and create innovating ways to fuse the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional art.

His work certainly paid off. On top of collaborating with renowned brands, Peter has also introduced his own bespoke artistic creations that incorporate materials such as metal, concrete, plants and other incredibly delicate textures to innovate one-of-a-kind artistic compositions.

Within his multi-dimensional virtual realities, run-of-the-mill objects that are usually considered mundane and ordinary – think the ice cream truck, a standing work desk or a shelf-lined reading nook – are given Peter’s audacious treatment and brought to life into fantastical, extraordinary and intricate creations.

He has also launched a collaborative interior design collection with Buenos Aires-based design studio molistudio. Here, Peter transformed some of the key areas of the home, from the living area to bathroom and kitchen, into 360-degree structures with a goal to reexamine the seemingly humdrum aspects of everyday living. In additional to still-life images, he has also created animations where elements of nature, design, technology collide.

His star-studded portfolio also includes an Adobe-commissioned project to mark Photoshop’s 25th anniversary, as well as Pinterest’s 2019 trend report.

Photos via Peter Tarka on Behance and Instagram

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