You can include the dog in the family portrait, but is it really part of the family if it doesn’t have its own…couch?

Or bathroom? A bed of its own?

Whether or not you’re a serious home decorator, a home ought to reflect its residents – the family pooch included. For those of us who are serious about our four-legged sons and daughters, here are some furniture pieces to consider – for their well-being, of course, and to make them feel more than loved.

For snuggling

Probably the warmest, cosiest thing next to a human hug, Charley Chau’s signature Snuggle Bed features a pillow-like bed with a connected blanket top for your pooch to tuck into. The blanket is lined with faux fur fleece, available in different colours and patterns, and the mattress comes with waterproof liners, just in case. Spare covers and replacement mattresses are available, as well.

Image courtesy of Charley Chau

For bathroom breaks

We all know privacy is important, and this little box ensures your pet gets some of it, too. A dedicated toilet for your dog, the DoggyBathroom is fit for tiny dogs – including males that like to lift their leg. It comes with attachable biodegradable pee pads that line the interiors of each side, as well as an absorbent, microfibre welcome mat to wipe off any residual paw prints. They’re still on KickStarter, but DoggyBathroom ships worldwide should you decide to give your pooch the bathroom privacy they deserve – and ensure the home stays a little cleaner in the process.

Image courtesy of DoggyBathroom

For lounging

Once in a while our pets like to play couch potato, too – and this chaise longue from Sweetpea & Willow lets them do just that. It's built with wood, a bolster cushion for extra comfort, and a velvety chaise for a touch of luxe – your pet will be so spoiled. 

Image courtesy of Sweetpea & Willow

For nap times (and sleeping)

More for the pet that has everything: why not a four-post bed, too? Designed by bespoke bedmaker Cornish Beds in the UK, these vintage-style metal dog beds are created in the same way as the human-sized ones, by way of hand casting knuckle joints that attach the rails on the sides to the head and foot of the bed. Its upholstered base is made of wood and coconut fibres, and its dimensions and colours can be custom-made to your – and your pooch's – desires. 

Image courtesy of Cornish Beds

For a room of one's own

Just as we'd like some room for ourselves, our dogs could also use its own domain – and these teepee tents by P.L.A.Y. help do the job. Available in a range of colours and patterns, these tents are made with pine wood poles that are easy to set up, plus a removable pillow for the inside that they can cosy onto.

Image courtesy of P.L.A.Y.

For living in style

Few things project style like a Liberty print dressing your very own pooch – as Melbourne-based dogwear label, Sebastian Says, makes possible with this collaboration. Their new line of dog bandanas and shirts feature the British label's fabrics in mustard, paisley, floral, and ditsy prints. Now with a stylish home of their own, perhaps it's time to get a well-curated pet wardrobe going, too. 

Image courtesy of Sebastian Says

Header image: Designer Blue Carreon's pet pooch and dog bed by Blue Carreon Home.


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