Paris-based multi-disciplinary architect David Tajchman has created an aerodynamic house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea that was inspired by the lines of the client's car.

The 4,300sqft, three bedroom home perches atop a cliff, its sculptural shape blending seamlessly with the surrounding greenery. Viewing the home from up close reveals winding, sweeping lines that mirror the curves of the hills. The roof, meanwhile, is a flat disc with two gradated concavities—not unlike what you'd find in a topological map.

The car's influence can also be seen in how the roof extends northwards to create a shaded parking area, thus incorporating the car into the design of the house. Viewed from within, the car is also framed by the kitchen window, which is shaped according to the vehicle's silhouette.

When creating the house, Tajchman was also mindful of the journey one would take to get there; the house is a 30 minute drive from the local airport, and the house serves as an apt end to a drive filled with mountain and ocean views.

Inside, floor-to-ceiling, wraparound windows showcase stunning views of the sea. Curved lines dictate the interior space, too, winding around the walls to create shelving and seating. In the living space, these curves cumulate in a central, concave space that serves as a sitting area. Additional geometrical touches can be seen in the hexagonal pattern in some of the windows, as well as the angular texture in the ceiling.

The home's design is reminiscent of the curved Gran Mediterraneo mixed-use high rise building that Tajchman designed in Tel Aviv, Israel, which the clients requested to be taken as inspiration for a private residence.

Photos courtesy of David Tajchman

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