[GALLERY] Design Trust Exhibition Offers Creative Homemade Designs Made During Pandemic

[GALLERY] Design Trust Exhibition Offers Creative Homemade Designs Made During Pandemic
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Design Trust’s latest exhibition “DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade” gathers work of more than 70 designers to address the pressing social and environmental issues during the pandemic through innovative homemade solutions – from antibacterial door handles to performing arts self-care kits.

"Escapism" by Soilworm Lai, STICKYLINE in collaboration with Vanissa Law

The show, which takes place at Soho House Hong Kong from now until 4 October, aims to foster collaboration within the design community in Hong Kong and beyond, while helping the community to build resilience and sustainability for the future. 

"I Love You but I Need to Keep a Safe Distance" by Joel Austin and Queenie Li

The exhibition involves work by both emerging artists and established designers, including Alan Chan, Douglas Young, anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) and sustainability design advocate Johanna Ho. 

"Hong Kong Beiwei Zansyu Cookie Cutters" by Adonian Chan, Trilingua

“The desire to make things with our hands is universal and a significant human expression,” said Marisa Yiu, exhibition curator and Co-Founder of Design Trust. “While some handicrafts are means of survival, making objects with our hands serves as a creative release. Restricted by the necessary social distancing during an unprecedented pandemic, many designers have expressed a need to connect, collaborate and create.”

Exhibition: DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade
Venue: Soho House’s House Studio
Time: Mon 21 September to Sun 4 October 2020; Daily 12pm to 7pm

More exhibits:

"Streetsign-fashioned" by Kevin Mak, @StreetSignHK with Ken Fung, in collaboration with Lee Kin Ming, China Bright Production

"Tactile Family" by Aron Tsang in collaboration with Hera Lui, NAPP Studio

"Ink and Architecture" by Hugh Davies

"COVID-19 Sculpture Series" by Kacey Wong

"Pocket Garden" by Julie Progin and Jesse McLin, Julie & Jesse

"Distance Candle Holder" by Alfred Lam

"Megaphone" by Aurelien Barbry in collaboration with Constant HK

"Incomplete Incense Plate" by Derek Lee, MOM & POP

"We Can Jump This High" by Nikolas Ettel, Lidia Ratoi, and Annie Lye

"HOXY" by Christopher Choi with Keith Hui, in collaboration with Esther Fung and Ian Tam, ioii Studio

"SecondHand" by Kaliz Lee

"BAMBUSA" by Kristof Crolla, L-E-A-D

"Light Motions" by Sarah Lee and Yataka Yano, SKY YUTAKA

"Sterilising Lamp" by Frank Chou, Frank Chou Design Studio

"The 3D Printed (Superman) Face Mask" by Douglas Young, G.O.D.

"'Back to Basic' food basket" by Zoe Siu, ZOEE

"BakeYourCutlery" by Kay Chan

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